FORUM and ACTIVITY: Siting Your Apiary

1) Go to google maps and print out an aerial view of your property (or the property where you want to place hives).

2) Draw where you want to place your bee yard, using the considerations outlined in this week's webinar.

3) Draw a 2-mile radius around your colony to see where your bees will be foraging. Are there a lot of gardens/fields/natural spaces around your area?

4) Please upload your marked-up map into the Comments section below and share your observations with your fellow learners.

What did you learn this week about where you want to site your apiary (or if you already have one existing, did you learn anything new about your chosen site)? Is your land well suited to beekeeping? What species of flowers will the bees have access to throughout the growing season? Will there be periods of nectar dearth, when your bees might be hungry?