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Webinar Dates

Live webinars for 2023 have concluded, but you will still be able to watch the webinar recordings here in Teachable.

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Getting to Know Bees

Topics covered: Introductions. Overview of our online “campus” (Teachable), course outline, and basic bee biology, roles and jobs. We’ll discuss how to find a queen bee in your hive, what a bee is and isn’t, and finally the importance of having a local experienced beekeeper as your mentor and joining a local bee club.

Week 2: Setting Up Your Apiary

Topics covered: Create a calendar ordering, installing and getting your bees through the summer. Considering in setting up your apiary. “A year in the apiary” – life cycle. Time commitment. Goals and Hive Management Practices. When to order & from whom? Buying versus raising versus swarming a new queen. Timing and starter feeding.

Week 3: Basic Equipment for Your First Year

Topics covered: What do you really need? Styles of equipment. Expenses. Create a budget.

Week 4: Basic Hive Inspection, Part 1

Topics covered: Hive Inspection Protocol. Brood (why is it important and evaluating brood health). Learn to ID honey & pollen storage. Are my bees developing correctly? How much honey do they need to make it through the winter? Do I need a queen excluder?

Week 5: Basic Hive Inspection, Part 2 (What to do when things go wrong)

Topics covered: Hive Robbers. Swarm. Re-queening. Bad temperament & disease.

Week 6: Introduction to Pests & Diseases

Topics covered: Varroa Mites. Protocol options for common pests & diseases.

Week 7: I have honey, now what?

Topics covered: Basics of honey harvesting. Packaging, labeling & storage. What you need to do if you want to sell honey & value-added products.

Week 8: Preparing Your Colony for the winter

Topics covered: Feeding options, evaluation & timing. Bee biology review. Insulation options. Pest protection.

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