Ordering Bees: Nucs vs Packages

There are 3 primary ways to acquire bees for the first time:

1) Order a nuc, or nucleus colony, which is a micro-hive, complete with queen, worker bees, and frames of eggs and brood already started

2) Order a package of bees, which is a screened box of 1-2 lbs of bees, a Queen in a separate compartment, and a can of sugar syrup to feed them

3) Catch a swarm, which is impossible to predict and best done with some assistance from an experienced beekeeper the first time you try it

This article describes the pros and cons of options 1 and 2:

Nucleus Colony or Packaged Bees - Which is Right For You? - Beepods

It's the time to buy bees, and a lot of beekeepers are facing a tough decision - whether to order their bees as a package or a nucleus colony. We've broken down the pros and cons of each so you can decide which is best for you!