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  • SOIL HEALTH (BF 110)


    The health and productivity of the soil forms the basis for any farm’s success, profitability, and ecological sustainability. Successful farmers need to develop a holistic approach to preserving and building soil health and fertility. Stewardship of the soil is arguably the most important job of any farmer or gardener.



    Adding weeks to either end of your growing season can mean attaining a premium for having products available well before (or long after) other local growers. But the structures that make this possible–(unheated plastic-covered “high tunnels” or “hoop houses”) can cost a lot of money, and they bring special management considerations that need to be understood in order to be profitable additions to your farm.



    Whether you are currently keeping honey bees, or are considering adding them to your farm, a basic understanding of bee biology, diseases, pests and setting up your colony for success are essential.

    Understanding the difference between a drone, queen and nurse bee, knowing how to site your apiary properly, having a plan for Varroa mites, and knowing effective …