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Week 1: Opportunities for Raising Beef Cattle

Guest Presenter Abbey Jantzi

  • Introductions and course overview
  • Opportunities & benefits for raising beef cattle
  • Common production models
  • Sourcing cattle & bringing them home

Week 2: Cattle Health & Behavior

Guest Presenter Lindsay Ferlito

  • Common breeds & terminology
  • Animal behavior & stockmanship
  • Safe and efficient handling, handling infrastructure
  • Common health issues
  • Vaccinations, first aid, and vet care, resources

Week 3: Cattle Performance & Reproduction

Guest Presenter Abbey Jantzi

  • Best management practices for weaning
  • Keeping production records
  • Evaluating animal performance
  • Culling & herd improvement strategies
  • Reproduction benchmarks
  • Artificial Insemination (AI) vs Natural Service
  • Pregnancy checking options

Week 4: Marketing Models and Pricing for Profitability & Success

Guest Presenter Matt LeRoux

  • Meat processing terminology and regulations
  • Identifying your target customer and marketing objectives
  • Selecting your marketing channels
  • Setting prices for profitability
  • Evaluating performance of business objectives

Week 5: Beef Cattle Nutrition

Guest Presenter Abbey Jantzi

  • Forage quality, visual evaluation of nutritional indicators
  • Producing or procuring quality hay
  • Sampling forages
  • Managing forage quality and intake to meet management objectives
  • Nutritional needs of different cattle types
  • Minerals and supplements

Week 6: Feeding Systems and Course Wrap Up

Guest Presenter Brett Chedzoy

  • Efficient winter feeding
  • Stored feeds, common options to feed
  • Shelter & outwintering
  • Grazing basics
  • Course wrap-up

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