Webinar Schedule and Participants' Guide

Webinar Dates

In 2024, this course will be offered live for 6-weeks on Mondays from 7:00 - 8:30 PM (Eastern) from January 15 – February 19. While we encourage live attendance, so you have the opportunity to engage with presenters and ask questions, all webinars are recorded and posted in the online classroom to watch anytime. You will also retain access to all materials indefinitely and can return to participate in the live webinars in future offerings of the course if you wish. Join us!

You may also join our webinars from a mobile device by installing the official Zoom app from your preferred app store. Then, when it's time for a webinar, simply open your Zoom app and enter the 9-digit meeting ID that will be posted at the top of each week in the course.

A link will be posted in advance of the 2024 live offering.

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Integrated Pest Management

This week we will discuss the importance of insect pest identification and tools for sustainable management of common vegetable insect pests.

Week 2: Soil Fertility Management

This week we will discuss how to use soil tests and the vegetable guidelines to tailor your fertility program.

Week 3: Harvest and Post-Harvest Handling

This week we will discuss the importance of harvest and post-harvest BMP's (best management practices) in vegetables. 

Week 4: Weed Control Options

This week we will discuss weed management options including cultivation, mulching and flaming.

Week 5: Common Vegetable Diseases

This week we will discuss the common vegetable diseases in New York and their management. 

Week 6: Wrap Up and Final Questions

How to Join Zoom

Review the document below for more detailed instructions on how to use the webinar technology.

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