Webinar Schedule and Participant Guide


Thurs. Nov 4, 2021, 7-8:30pm Eastern, and each Thurs after that (skipping a week for the Thanksgiving holiday), until the final webinar on Thurs Dec 16. Please mark these dates and times in your calendar! If you miss the live webinars, the recordings will be posted in the course afterward.

To access the webinars, you will simply need to click on the webinar join link that is posted in each week of the course. This link only works on the appointed day and time for that webinar, so while you can try clicking it sooner, it won't open the webinar meeting for you. You may also join our webinars from a mobile device by installing the Zoom app and entering the 9-digit meeting ID that will also be shared each week.

Weekly Webinar Topics

Week 1: Is Sugaring Right For You?  

Topics covered: Course expectations, student introductions, top reasons to make maple syrup, history, and questions to consider before starting.

Week 2: Sap Collection 

Topics covered: Strategies for collecting sap including buckets, bags, and tubing including vacuum and natural gravity systems. Considerations for sap quality will also be covered.

Week 3: Turning Sap into Syrup 

Topics covered: finishing syrup, grading, flavor, cooking sap on wood, gas, and oil boilers, reverse osmosis, and ways to increase efficiency.

Week 4: Planning and Growing Your Sugaring Operation: Marketing and Pricing of Maple Products 

Topics covered: increasing yield, leasing taps and buying sap from nearby landowners, contracts and common pitfalls, marketing, business planning, and pricing maple products.

Week 5: Sugarbush Evaluation and Management 

Topics covered: Sugarbush ecology, evaluating the tapping potential of land, strategies to manage for optimum productivity and health.

Week 6: Creating Value-Added Maple Products 

Topics covered: Making maple candy, cream, sugar, cotton candy, maple popcorn, and other products.

Webinar Participants' Guide

Zoom Participant’s Guide.pdf