FORUM: Please introduce yourself

Each week in the course, there is at least one place where you will have the opportunity to ask questions, share your work, or make comments.

Please take a few minutes before our first session to introduce yourself in this forum. I'd love to hear a couple of things you hope to learn from this course; it will help me to be sure to include those items.

Here's my introduction: I've been teaching/coordinating this course for several years now. I retired as Regional Vegetable Specialist in 2019 but have continued to teach 4 courses for the Small Farms Program. I like keeping in touch with my former colleagues and staying current with farming trends in NY State.

High tunnels are one of my favorite aspects of vegetable production and were a key focus area for me for the last ten years of my job. I live near one of Cornell's research farms in Willsboro NY and I was able to conduct various research trials in their tunnels.

At home I have a few perennial and cut flower gardens and a small vegetable garden. My favorite veg crops to grow are garlic, sugar snap peas, green beans, tomatoes and potatoes.

Amy Ivy